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Macroclean is a new thermoplastic cladding system solution, introduced for lining of interior walls in public spaces and hospital structures, with excellent aesthetic values. Macroclean is a solid sheet with an opaque, anti-reflective surface, offering high resistance to impact and wear. It provides a solution which meets hygiene
standards and regulations, whilst offering significant cleaning and maintenance cost benefits.
Macroclean panels work as a protection system for rigid walls, complying with the European Fire regulation (B-s1, d0). Our Macroglue adhesive guarantees efficient installation of Macroclean panels, offering the perfect all-round solution for the intended application. Its fire classification, B-s1, d0, guarantees minimum toxicity in
case of fire, being essential for use in hospitals and centres for people with reduced mobility.

Antibacterial, hygienic and easy to clean
Non-porous material, free from bacteria, does not absorb dirt, ideal for cleanrooms, laboratories, operating rooms and in environments which require strict health controls. Both Macroclean and Macroglue are classified A+ with respect to volatile substances (VOCs).

Quick and easy installation
Our cladding system must be glued directly to the wall with Macroglue adhesive. This process generates no dust, thus limiting interruption of general activity during the installation. Joining Macroclean panels together is both effortless and seamless, using our Macroseal antibacterial adhesive, which blends perfectly with the surface.

Impact proof
Thanks to the impact-resistance of polycarbonate, our Macroclean cladding system offers protection of internal walls and helps to maintain aesthetics, even in indoor
environments of high usage.

With the addition of colour from masterbatch, Macroclean displays minimal discolouration over time. Furthermore, it is not susceptible to humidity.


  • Uncontaminated and 100% recyclable material
  • Free from halogens (chlorine, bromine, etc.)
  • It does not give off any odour, unlike PVC, even at high temperatures
  • High impact resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Electrical and thermal insulation
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Easily washable with soap and water
  • Classification of reaction to fire B-s1, d0
  • Easily machinable mechanically
  • Non-porous
  • Colour from masterbatch
  • Waterproof

Main installations

  • Health centers
  • Hospitals and medical treatment areas.
  • Laboratories
  • Operating rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Schools
  • Day center
  • Restaurants
  • Halls and corridors
  • Elevators
  • High-traffic and high-wear area




The special ANTIGLARE treatment, on the UV protected side, significantly reduces the glare effect due to the reflection of the light rays. It also creates a pleasant diffusion of light inside the building



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