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BDL is the ideal solution for the creation of skylights or transparent roofs, both flat and curved. The system, consisting of a polycarbonate multiwall panel in extruded polycarbonate, provides good thermal insulation and excellent optical and mechanical properties. The union between the panels is obtained in a simple and effective manner through the use of specific polycarbonate snap-on profiles (or aluminium ones if the structural loading of the project requires). The particular click fixing system doesn’t foreseen holes in the polycarbonate panel, thus allowing the creation of roofs of long lengths, facilitating easy installation of the product and a stable sealing against water infiltration.


  • Schnelle, einfache Installation
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • High thermal insulation
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good light transmission
  • Good fire performance
  • Certified quality guarantee
  • UV protection on both sides


UV protection on both sides

Sheets protected from the effects of UV rays on both sides. Particularly suitable for applications where they may be exposed to direct and/or indirect solar radiation on both sides. This treatment also eliminates installation errors, while cutting is optimized since the sheeting is protected whichever side faces up.



The special ANTIGLARE treatment, on the UV protected side, significantly reduces the glare effect due to the reflection of the light rays. It also creates a pleasant diffusion of light inside the building


Extra UV protection on both sides

Sheets with increased, extra strong protection from UV rays on both sides. Ideal for use in applications marked by particularly harsh environmental conditions.

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