Macrolux® Multiwall sheets are a product of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Their multiwall structure allows them to meet the most exacting application performance demands. Available in thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 60 mm with a wide choice of different structures, Macrolux® Multiwall sheets are at the cutting edge when it comes to efficiency, energy savings and optical and mechanical properties.


  • > Lightweight
  • > High thermal insulation
  • > Excellent impact resistance
  • > Good light transmission
  • > Good fire performance
  • > Guaranteed and certified quality
  • > UV protection




UV protection on one side

Sheets protected from the effects of UV rays on one side.This protection effectively allows the sheets to retain their original transparency and mechanical impact resistance properties for the duration of their service life.


UV protection on both sides

Sheets protected from the effects of UV rays on both sides. Particularly suitable for applications where they may be exposed to direct and/or indirect solar radiation on both sides. This treatment also eliminates installation errors, while cutting is optimized since XL the sheeting is protected whichever side faces up.


NO UV protection

Sheets not protected from the effects of UV rays, which cause them to degrade rapidly. They are ideal for all applications where direct exposure to solar radiation is not an issue.



Extra UV protection

Sheets with increased, extra strong protection from UV rays. Ideal for use in applications marked by particularly harsh environmental conditions.


Condensation resistant treatment

Sheets with treatment on the inside to stop condensation dripping off the surface and falling into the room. Particularly suitable for greenhouse and swimming pool applications.


Dual colouring

Sheets made with a special technique to produce one colour on the inside and a different colour on the outside. With their undeniable good looks, these sheets find application, above all, in architecture.