MACROLUX for Health and Safety

The new situation, with the spread of the pandemic due to Covid-19, suggests us new challenges on how to contribute to contain the epidemic and increase safety in the environments while maintaining social distancing but at the same time good lighting and safe visual contact.

It is possible to create sanitary barriers or partition walls with the use of both MACROLUX SOLID and MACROLUX MULTIWALL sheets; this allows to increase the safety of all operators in contact with the public such as cashiers, shopkeepers, shop assistants, public officials and to separate work environments such as open spaces, warehouses, offices and production departments where multiple operators are present at the same time.

The separators made with MACROLUX SOLID and MACROLUX MULTIWALL sheets are:
- transparent (or opalescent or colored according to the request)
- safe because they are unbreakable
- light and easy to move
- long lasting

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